our way of doing things

We are a young, vibrant, passionate company.

We are 30 years old and we feel we have the whole future ahead of us. We understood that behind every great achievement there is a team of people who make everything possible.

With this passion, we create much more than engineering solutions, we create relationships. Relationships that teach us and allow us to explore and challenge the limits of imagination. Professional relatioships driving us to see the best in others while giving the best of ourselves. Relatiohships that are strengthened over time and through the achievements we accomplish together, with the limitlessness of technology and the potential of human beings.

Our passion, our purpose and our common goal is to keep you inspired, pushing yourself beyond your limits, building together lasting relationships, as the solutions we create.


Schneider Electric
Elite Partner
Premier Intallation Partner
Premier – Certified
Gold Partner

our magic formula

Those who already know us know that we are a technological infrastructure company that has been doing things right. But we think that being a certified partner of Cisco, Dell, Schneider, Commscope, Huawei and the best vendors is not enough. Nor is it enough to say that we are serious, reliable and that we honor our word above all things.

+30 years building from mistakes and achievements. We are not infallible, but you will always find us looking for a solution to every problem.

The best thing about DTE is that we permanently rethink how to add value, and this is how we came to our magic formula:

ecosystem of value

We work together with our customers to transform themselves.  We develop an ecosystem of value specially designed to nurture and expand their opportunities, based on a strong work culture that allows us to reach new limits through creative engineering.

This ecosystem fosters the growth of each of its members by adding efficiency and dynamism through innovative practices. We generate a sustainable environment that offers our customers the ideal scenario for the development of their projects and better tools to leverage on opportunities.

  • 01. customers

    We build a network of first-rate customers who understand that to maintain leadership they must go beyond limits.

  • 02. team

    Passionate, dynamic and constantly learning professionals who provide added value to every project we develop.

  • 03. vendors

    We carefully select our vendors. These alliances, together with our know how, allow us to offer cutting-edge solutions surpassing the expected benefits.

  • 04. partners

    We build an accurate and comprehensive system to select recognized and outstanding collaborators in their own disciplines.