How we implemented one of the most important network and fiber optic integrations in Latin America.

We carried out an unprecedented technological renovation of networks to ensure performance of ARAUCO plants throughout the country.

Arauco is the largest forestry company in Argentina. Facilities are located in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Misiones, where a corporate building and 6 production plants are in operation, with over 200,000 hectares of plantations. The company had to carry out a complete technological renovation of its LAN network, minimizing the impact and downtime in its operations in Puerto Esperanza, Y-Porá and Puerto Piray (Misiones), Puerto San Martín (Santa Fe) and Zárate (Buenos Aires), where industrial plants are located.

The challenge proposed by ARAUCO involved several aspects. In addition to providing the equipment with a communications system that would allow to retrieve information from the processes, we had to develop the complete network infrastructure, including network design, technological replacements, a monitoring system and a service scheme that would mitigate contingencies and ensure the operation of the plants beyond distances and climatic conditions. We had to provide a safe work project and ensure business continuity.

Our teams of engineers visited the different locations and measured and determined the steps to follow to meet ARAUCO’s expectations. Thus, we replaced the redundant fiber optic backbone in each industrial plant. For this, it was necessary to deploy over 45 kilometers of single-mode optical fiber Systimax TeraSpeed, an unprecedented work at a regional level in industrial plants. In addition, we installed Systimax GigaSpeed and GigaSpeed X10D cabling for the installation of more than 1,600 Category 6 and 6A UTP ports, including civil works, channeling and additional electrical and environmental modifications. We also carried out the design, installation and configuration of more than 150 Cisco Switches under a Software Defined Networking (SDN) scheme, creating a new network with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) technology, which allows the provision of excellent services in line with business requirements. 

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