Mininstry of Justice and Security of The City of Buenos Aires

Multidisciplinary integration and thorough planning in a project related to your safety.

The unification of the security forces (Metropolitan Police and Federal Police) led the Ministry of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires to the need to increase the capabilities of its data center in order to allow for greater processing and introduce new technologies to offer more availability and response. In this case, it also demanded the development of a comprehensive security plan, the adaptation to a new internal communication network (Tettra) and the incorporation of an urban video surveillance system with a projection of more than 20,000 cameras in the City. In addition, the usual services had to remain active throughout the work development, knowing that any error or contingency could have had an impact on the security of thousands of citizens.

Expanding a data center is not an easy task. It involves coordinating the performance of a large number of different tasks. By means of multidisciplinary integration and meticulous planning, we duly achieved the objective, avoiding inconveniences and impact on services. What did we do in particular? We decided to use solutions from APC by Schneider Electric and CommScope, which have proven to be very robust and reliable. We adapted the physical space by replacing the technical floor and the cabling according to the new performance parameters expected. We installed a redundant 160KW N+1 Symmetra UPS system and Prisma intelligent electrical boards, which provides the highest availability and real-time control of power quality and capacity planning. The new data center room consists of 40 racks arranged in cold and hot aisles, cooled by 8 inRow precision air conditioning units, optimizing air distribution to IT and communications equipment. The installation was completed by Schneider Electric’s management system for environmental variables (StruxureWare Data Center Expert).

In  addition to the civil work required to build the assembly platform for the air conditioning units, we also connected the feeders from the data center to the main power distribution board.

Finally, we designed and installed fire detection and extinction systems and control systems, plus electronic security and access control systems, effectively protecting a data center that, to date, is a key support tool for the security of the City of Buenos Aires. Currently, the data center is in the process of being certified by international organizations in order to further guarantee its design and construction.

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