National Atomic Energy Commission

Providing tailor-made solutions under the highest performance and security requirements.

We renovated the data centers in the Headquarters, Ezeiza Atomic Center (CAE) and Constituyentes Atomic Center (CAC) of the National Atomic Energy Commission with state-of-the-art technology and conditioned these critical spaces without altering the continuity of any of their activities.

The National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) operates nuclear research reactors in the country, being responsible for developing and controlling nuclear energy as a State policy.  In addition, it advises the Executive Branch of National Government on nuclear policy issues, promotes the development of resources and administers radioactive waste, among other functions. Any supplier contracted by the Commission must meet very high levels of performance, availability and, of course, security.

At the request of CNEA, we built 2 new data centers with state-of-the-art technology, one at Headquarters and the other at the Ezeiza Atomic Center (CAE) to achieve greater response capacity. For this, we performed the necessary civil works to isolate  critical spaces according to international standards, including redundant N+1 Symmetra UPS which allows high availability and power quality. The new rooms have APC racks arranged in hot and cold aisles, cooled by inRow precision air conditioning equipment, optimizing air distribution to IT and communications equipment.

In the case of the Centro Atómico Constituyentes (CAC), where the High-Performance Computing (HPC) supercomputers are housed, a 0.5MW cooling solution with chilled water was provided, the largest of its kind in university environments in Latin America. It consists of 30 inRow precision air conditioning units, powered by 4 redundant 160KW Uniflair chillers each.

In  addition to the civil work needed to generate the chiller assembly platform, we connected PEX-AL-PEX distribution piping to the indoor air equipment, conducted redistribution within the critical space of more than 100 racks arranged in hot and cold aisles, including new Prisma intelligent electrical panels for installation, allowing the highest availability and real-time control of power quality and capacity planning.

We also supplied and installed over10,000 meters of fiber optics and Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 4500 switches to build high-speed connection in the different CNEA sites. Thus, in addition to processing, we guaranteed high availability connections and the proper transfer speed necessary to support the high-volume flow of data generated by the organization’s services.

Successful interventions at the Headquarters, Ezeiza Atomic Center (CAE), and the Constituyentes Atomic Center (CAC), resulted in the introduction of these new technologies for the CAREM 25 experimental reactor project, close to the Atucha II Nuclear Complex.

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