We implemented technologies that have a greater impact on the business processes of Banco Santander Río (BSR).

We built a new data center to increase productivity of the operation and enhance performance, security and scalability.

Banco Santander Río called us to achieve more efficient and faster operations, eliminating human errors and at a lower cost. For this, we conducted intelligence work at its main data center, also strategic node of the Bank’s communications.

We first defined the scope of this implementation and selected the most advanced technologies available taking into account the demands to which they would be subjected. Then, we carefully planned each step in order to minimize the impact on the data center and daily operations. In this way we defined the use of APC solutions by Schneider Electric and CommScope, which have proven to be very robust and reliable. The new site involved the necessary civil works to isolate the critical space according to international standards, including an electrical room with a redundant 2N+1 Symmetra UPS scheme of 160KW each and Prisma intelligent electrical boards which allows the highest availability and real-time control of power quality and capacity planning.

The new data center room consists of 40 racks arranged in hot and cold containment aisles (EcoAisle), cooled by 12 precision air conditioning units in a row layout (inRow), which optimize air distribution to IT and communications equipment. The distribution of energy and structured cabling to the racks was done by introducing innovative technologies in terms of security and reliability through a busbar  trunking system (Canalis), PDUs and intelligent cabling (imVision) instead of traditional cabling. Installation was complemented with Schneider Electric’s management systems for both the environmental variables (StruxureWare Data Center Expert) and the data center operation (StruxureWare Data Center Operation).

The work and its execution were certified by the manufacturers, which allowed the Bank to provide an absolute guarantee on the tasks performed. We gained recognition by Santander for the tasks that DTE had already been carrying out for 4 years, incorporating CommScope fiber and copper network technologies in the Bank’s corporate buildings.

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